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Creator's of the Original Comic Series' 'Hustlman: The Super Hero' 

We tell street stories tastefully to highlight nuance.


Bro, what is an NFT?

Hustlman breaks down what an NFT is in this quick video for beginners!
The start. Not the beginning...
   Hustlman: the Super Hero's story opens in the 1990's. He travels from planet to planet, time period to time period. He mines the universe's minerals from lands to help his dying planet Ester. H travels with The Protector, "Pro" for short. The Protector is the highest position to guard. It's Pro's responsibility to travel ahead and setup industry, coordination, weapons etc. They execute mission's at the request of the joint governments of Planet Ester, The SSO, no questions asked.   Their next mission is to travel to Earth and find 'Homestead Steel', the most valuable mineral in the cosmos and the most powerful energy source to the entire planet. When they arrive things are not as H remembers in the 1920's. With a high unemployment rate, the streets full of drugs, no shortage of guns and a new surge of super villains, this will be a summer to remember. 
Temperature's risin'

        It's the middle of the summer and the streets are alive on the Eastside of Steel City. The golden era of the steel mills in Steel City are long gone. Factory jobs are on their way out and the people need answers. This void in industry creates enterprise from all levels. Big dogs cop bricks and set up shop in abandoned buildings and sell work all day. They got runners, look outs, muscle, managers and upper-management....
The Connect has a "Store" setup on each side of the city to cut down on travel risk. OG Moe is his captain. Shop opens and closes at a certain time daily, keeping a tight ship. With such strict protocol he cannot understand how his spot got hit. This is the first time The Connect has to deal with disloyalty. Was it the disgruntled workers? Was it middle management or an outsider?        

The Connect

Business owner. Husband. Father. Notorious gangster. Boss of bosses.

He gotta make a move asap to keep his house in order and maintain a tight grip on the streets...

The Protector


Pro is the most experienced time traveler throughout the cosmos. Pro and Hustlman go on missions together. Pro travels ahead to "set up shop" and prepare to receive the landing of Hustlman. Pro is a serial hustler. He enterprises in every era or planet that they travel to. Hey, you gotta pay for these elaborate voyages somehow. Pro "The Protector" is also a master potion mixer with elite healing capabilities and enhancements. He is referred to as a god on planet Mensar. Pro owns 24,000 separate businesses...and he checks in on all of them. The Protector is the highest position to guard for anyone who travels between worlds. It's a royal responsibility. He also keeps a .40 caliber pistol for the haters.

Hustlman ("H")

"Mr. Mineral"

The Homestead Steel inside of his body enables him to focus his energy and retrieve/unearth minerals from the ground. He is tasked to travel through time and throughout the cosmos. Historically, H's home planet Ester has been the strongest planet, and creator of all life as we know it. But over time, as the galaxies expanded, resources became scarce. Now he has to find more Homestead Steel for his home planet to survive and as the most precious metal in the cosmos it won't be easy.


"Mayor lock em up"

Mayor Lock has been the Mayor of Steel City For over 20 years. He does things his way, without regard to residents or the fallout. He will do almost anything to keep his crime numbers low and keeps his contracts in place for his..."friends".
Hustl n grow

Founder, B.Dos talks about why he created a street comic & cartoon!

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The making of 'Hustlman' the theme song/intro.

This session is with producer Dan Bose and recording artist Mr. E Doe-low. Session captured by Malaciah Joell "@varsboy".

Series Cast

Thanks to the cast and crew! 
The Protector "Pro"
"Hurry up, I got some money to pick up".
"My inner-prize was my first enterprise".
Hustlman "H"
"Don't worry about the jewels that I pick up, just catch the ones that I drop".
The Connect
"There's a rat in my camp and i'm gonna find out who it is..."
"Dressin' for ya funeral, i hope you wore a suit today..."