'HUSTL in the park: Fall Fest'!

October22nd 2022

Free event!


Hustl Comics presents 'Hustlman: The Super Hero' first NFT under the Homestead Grays Bridge.

*Our new animation company 'Hustl Comics' is proud to announce episode 3 of Hustlman: the Super Hero as an NFT at the 'Hustl under the bridge" event. 'HTSH' highlights the Steel Mill industry in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa., and the downfall of said industry.

*We are also very excited to present the first annual Splash'n show, a fashion show with some extra splash to it. The "splash" is the blending of a car show and fashion show in the same event! Think adult prom line up, where drip meets driving! Prizes and trophies will be given also!

*During the day we will keep the block party rolling with performances from some of the top talent in the city! We will kick off the day with a game show called 'The Culture Card'. A show where you answer questions about the culture with a cash prize each round! We've also added panel discussions in a forum setting with 3 key areas of focus: WEB 3, Financial literacy and multi-media! Hear from some experts that's already done it!

*Event amenities: Farmer's market, chess tournament, seating for paid in advance VIPs, Food-ticket packages, Vendors, Kid's corner (games) kids get in free, merch and cash raffles, DJs, picture wall, 


  • Performances: Music artist performing live!
  • Spalsh'n show: 10 Fashion Collections. Cash prize & trophies!
  • Film screening: Hustlman:The Super Hero. A steel City story.
Hustl under the bridge

Event schedule

2:00pm: Band performance 

3:00pm: Vocal Music Performance

3:30pm: Vocal Music Performance

4:00pm: Web 3 Panel: A deep dive into the new world. Seasoned entrepreneurs will discuss everything from NFTScryptocurrency, the metaverse and how it affects the world in this digital age! Q&A after.

4:30pm: The Culture card: A live game show about the culture where people can win money each round. If you don't know about the culture, you might get your card revoked!

5:00pm: Financial literacy Panel: Professionals will discuss how to use money. How to save, how to invest and how to grow investments. They will start with the basics of account opening and move to what it means to have good or bad credit!

6:00pm:Vending spotlight: WE direct your attention to the vendors and direct traffic to the tables

7:30pm: Multi-media panel discussion:  A discussion from professional in the entertainment industry about music, television, podcasting, producing, camera work and more! Q&A after!

8:30pm:  Stop killin, keep hustlin: Remarks from community leaders!


Have your brand seen on screen!

Sponsorship tiers

Thanks for considering us as a sponsor! Our goal is to have fun while educating  our patrons through panel discussions. We are inviting (said sponsor) the opportunity to speak on our 'Financial literacy' panel to discuss credit, budgeting, investing & also establish a baseline of how money works. We are excited & honored to have you participate in this "mini workshop" for the community!
Want to see your brand on screen? Let's discuss further! email us at 'hustlvibraion@gmail.com' or 'dion@grindmodemusic.com'
Hustlr Sponsorship


  • *Panelist

  • Promo table to open new accounts

  • 2 VIP tickets

Social Media marketing

  • logo on posters/flyers

  • Hustl Collective merch. package

Big Hustlr Sponsorship


  • *Panelist

  • Full Banner 

  • 4 VIP tickets

  • Promo table to open new accounts

  • Photo wall logo

Website advertising

  • Social media advertising

  • Logo on posters/flyers

  • Hustl Collective XL merch. package

Ultimate Hustlr Sponsorship


  • *Panel titled after company. Example:

  • XXXX presents...; The XXXX financial literacy panel 

  • Panelist

  • Head sponsor/"Special thanks to" credit

  • Commercial/ad

  • End credits

  • 8 VIP tickets-Private table; Food;

  • 1min. video/commercial ad from favorite character!

  • Re-occuring acknowledgements from host (Shoutouts)

  • Photo wall logo

  • Promo table to open new accounts

  • Website advertising

  • Social media advertising

  • logo on posters/flyers

  • Hustl Collective Premium merch. package


'HTSH' follows the lives of two galaxy travelers "H" and "Pro". Their home planet Ester is dying, and in attempts to save it they're tasked with finding Homestead Steel, the most powerful mineral in the universe. They end up in 1994. On their path H and Pro tread their way through the underworld battling street bosses, police and super villains! Steel City is in chaos. Mayor Lock pressures Chief Noland for results...regardless of how he gets them! watch clip below! 



Meet the people behind the Hustl!


Creates overall brand direction. Strength in design and creativity. Founder of animation company, Co-creator of apparel line and brand. Bachelor's degree in business. Consumer electronics and fashion background.

Malaciah Joell-Creative Director

Curates brand ideas from inception to launch. Strength in creativity and nuance. Co-creator of apparel line; lead actor in cartoon; Background: music artist; show runner; consumer electronics.

Dion Dupree-Marketing

Contact Dion for inquiries about screen advertising and/or sponsorship options for this event. Background: Music management; Brand curator; Marketing; Social media marketing.


Benefits to building with us!

Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities

Brand equity

Investing in brand equity sometimes can get over looked if one is looking for immediate return. What this does is "stamp" your business as being in on whats happening within the culture. Brand equity builds a relationship with your customer and best of all, earns trust. They can trust and rely that you will be next to something cool...'cause this is cool.

Visibility/attract talent 

The number 1 reason that companies sponsor anything is for visibility. There will be 500 people in attendance at the block party. Media, bloggers, podcasters, news and customers will be in attendance! Digitally your logo/info. will be blasted out to a 25k person list, social media 15k daily & on-screen promotions. In 2022, Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve diversification in the workplace. Forwardly put, Building with us separates you from the average company that isn't "tapped in" to what's new and what's now.

What's new? What's Now?

What's now is animation. What's now are stories from people with diverse backgrounds. What's new is the progressive technology associated with animation. The merging of the two births the magic that Hustl Comics creates. But it's not only external. The ultimate sponsor slot becomes a part of the film. They will receive 'producer credit' which gives them skin in the game to be a part of other films and projects. Producer credit can be "in name only" but sometimes the relationship blossoms into other avenues of business.