A steel house is where people would mix "bootleg" 'Homestead Steel' to sell on the black market. This can be very lucrative but without the proper materials and expertise this can be very dangerous.
inside of a steel house

Eastside-Steel City

    It's the middle of the summer and the streets are alive on the Eastside of Steel City. The golden era of the steel mills in Steel City are long gone. Factory jobs are on their way out and the people need answers. This void in industry creates enterprise of all levels from all levels. Big dogs cop bricks and set up shop in abandoned buildings and sell work all day. They got runners, look outs, muscle, managers and upper-management. Investment bankers, big wig politicians and other officials of the city also look to capitalize on this void. They buy the abandoned buildings where the packs are sold and surrounding lands where the look outs are and where the muscle fights for position and respect. In many cases, they even supplied the bricks that the street hustlers were killing each other over.