Pro's low spot

Pro changes up his spots every so often to remain anonymous. Although, with his demeanor being anonymous doesn't seem to be a trait of his. He chooses un-assuming or abandoned buildings that look terrible on the outside and decked out the inside

Each floor is setup as a particular department for Pro's primary industries. With cannabis being a thing of the future, Pro gets a jump on the industry and starts to "grow" his business.

  • Planet OG Mensar

    Pro grows a multitude of strains and provides dispensaries around the world. This particular strain is an indica with 65% THC that he mastered on planet Mensar. Pro named this strain after his most proud creation and is recognized as the top brand in the world. He also has a particular street client base that he serves in exchange for information of all sorts. 

    *Pro also grows veggies, fruits and is responsible for all plant life as we know it. He's the Og of Mensar. 

Inside Pro's growhouse

After H sees Tombstone shoot up half of the city, He has questions (to say the least).
Pro: Yo H look over that railing. That's what this new grow should look like by now. 
H: Yo!! You tryna turn Steel City into Mensar Pro!
Pro: Please, this planet doesn't have the "stones"...or the soil.