NFT REVEAL- October 2022! "Pluglist" coming soon! 

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Hustlman: the super hero-episode 3 NFT

From the block to the blockchain.

   We are doing a limited drop of our 3rd episode of 'HTSH'. Only 100 copies will be released  October 22nd! Our cartel members get immediate utility with tangible goods such as clothing, custom-furniture, hemp products and...wait for it, COLD HARD CASH! Win big playing 'The Culture Card', a live-quiz game show where you can win real money from anywhere in the world!

   We're taking our project to another level by providing dope utility that can change lives! Get ready for the first interactive NFT where YOU can become the star! Earn your way up to block captain and have the opportunity to meet cast members! Are you a writer? write a scene! Inspiring actor? act in the series! October 2022 100 NFTs  will be released on the Solana blockchain!



Meet NFTeam hustl



       "My inner prize was my first enterprise".  -Pro


Malaciah "Muke" has been involved in the creation of music and branding for multiple companies for decades. Worked as Creative Director with MYsounds Wireless headphones, 15ZOO brand, Creator of The Detour show, producer and show runner for Grindmode radio podcasts. Co-star in the Hustlman: The Super Hero cartoon series as "Pro".

Phillie Jointz


Lead animator

*Head designer for magazine companies (covers), *Product designer (consumer tech), *Album cover designer, *Website and *app designer.                        


"Just worry about the jewels I drop, not the ones I pick up". -H

Founder and designer

Brandon has a bachelor's degree in business, with a background in consumer technology. Creator of the cartoon series Hustlman: The Super Hero. Founder of Hustl Collective, the master brand behind HTSH, Hustl Apparel, The Fire watch, and Hustl Comics animation company. Co-star in cartoon series as "H".


As we grow, the cartel grows!

We believe in providing REAL utility to our cartel members and not sell dreams based on the progress of the project. Therefore everything in our primary road map is available for our members right now! -->

Recognizing that the more Hustlrs get involved, the more seeds are planted for the next Hustlr to grow, we also will provide secondary utility as our collection is minted.

  • 20% Mint Culture Card +

     At 20% minted, double the stakes of the game for each question in each round. The total pot will also be doubled. Example:

    • 1st Round, 3 Question: $5 each + $5

    • 2nd Round, 3 Questions: $10 each + $10

    • 3rd Round, 3 Questions $15 each + $15

    • Last Round 1 Question $50 + $50

    • + is at 20% mint

  • 40% Mint Cartel kickbacks

    To reward loyalty in the cartel, members with "staked pieces" will receive kickbacks in the form of profit share at 8% each tier (40% & up). Also, Culture Card ++ we will double the game wagers again!


    • 1st Round, 3 Questions is now $10 each (after 20%), +$10= $20 each question

    • 2nd Round, 3 Questions is now $20 each (after 20%) + $20= $40 each question

    • 3rd Round, 3 Questions is now $30 each (after 20%) + $30= $60 each question

    • Last round is now $100 (after 20%) + $100= $200 final question

    60% MINT METAVERSE party!

    • Keepin this on the hush for now...but it's lit! Crossing over the half way mark is a major milestone!

    • 8% kickback to staking cartel members only!

    80% Mint advanced staking kickbacks

    • Signature Hustl chain will be sent to our cartel members for their continued loyalty and support to the crew.

    • A higher percentage is kicked back to our crew to show love. 10% kickback to staking cartel members only!

    100% live hustl blowout and meta-party!

    • Culture Card +++ #Bigmoneygames!

    • 10% kickback to staking cartel members only!